The world of information grows every day. Blockchain technology will help facilitate that growth and channel it’s strengths to improve the privacy and transparency of the whole process.

Currently, the amount of data generated throughout the world each day is enormous. Over 4 million videos are being watched on YouTube every minute. In the next few years, the overall number of devices connected to the Internet will exceed 20 billion.

Blockchain technology offers a unique, yet stable approach to the overwhelming data flow and is thus the number one investment choice among many platforms for upgrades.

Edge Computing and Blockchain Technology against 
                        network traffic.

Edge Computing and Blockchain Technology against network traffic.

Some industries are already going above the marker of 500 trillion GB data per year. Data is currently being transmitted from the creation point, usually to a central vloud or enterprise data center. This unfortunately slows down response times greatly. In the case of businesses working in the field of finance or the medical industry, these delays are a nightmare for both workers and clients alike.

One of the options that is currently being used to help with lowering network traffic, is edge computing. Edge computing does a magnificent job at reducing latency and facilitating local decision making. According to current estimates, over 5 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will begin using edge computing in the next couple of years.

With the introduction of 5G, edge computing is now an even more compelling option as the new network offers significantly improved capacity and far lower latency. Some rough estimates put 5G data speeds at about 20Gbps. This means, edge computing, utilized with 5G, will open new possibilities for CSPs. The ability to enter real-time communication for next generation apps like drones, self-driven cars and remote-parenting devices will now be available for CSPs.

With many financial institutions investing billions of dollars into blockchain technology, it’s not surprising to see other fields follow suit. Many governments are now also investing into both blockchain and blockchain specialists to further push the technology’s integration into the mainstream.

Blockchain’s advantages are our strengths

Blockchain’s advantages are our strengths

Over a decade has passed since Bitcoin shifted blockchain technology away from theoretical to actual, real-world usage. This demonstrated not only that the technology actually works, which was a huge point of debate at the time, but also that the sky is the limit when it comes to the possibilities it could offer.

Now, more than a decade later, countless organizations and even governments are spending billions of dollars to integrate blockchain technology into their ecosystem. The technology is currently used to improve countless existing processes as well as be a gateway for the creation of new business models.

Perhaps the biggest value of blockchain technology for many big corporations and governments, it’s its ability to share data in a very fast and secure manner. The great thing is that not a single entity has to single handedly bear the burden of safeguarding the data or facilitating the transactions.

This is where we come in, as blockchain technology creates trust between different entities, businesses are being formed on the go. We aim to connect you with a lot of businesses in your respective field, who have also chosen to incorporate blockchain technology into their main frame and the rest is up to you.

Our database includes countless businesses from around the world, using many different types of blockchains for many different business ventures. Since there is no central actor who enables trust, the entirely of security is left to the blockchain itself. Our team of trained experts can also help you and your business chose a blockchain that will be beneficial to growing your business at your own pace.

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