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Advancing Blockchain Research for a Better Future

Explore how Blockchain UBC pioneers cutting-edge research to tackle global challenges through innovative blockchain solutions.
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At Blockchain UBC, we take an interdisciplinary approach to drive groundbreaking advancements in blockchain technology, setting the standard for innovation and impact.
Our commitment to academic rigor ensures that our research and teachings are at the forefront of blockchain technology.
We partner with leading industry players to translate research into real-world applications, driving practical advancements in blockchain.
Our projects aim to create meaningful, positive change in communities by leveraging blockchain to address societal challenges.
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Exploring the Frontiers of Blockchain Technology

Discover our ongoing projects that push the boundaries of blockchain’s potential in areas like recordkeeping, smart contracts, and supply chain management.
Blockchain for Recordkeeping: Help or Hype

Explore the transformative impact of blockchain on recordkeeping practices, navigating between its promises and practical applications.

Records in the "Chain"

Learn how blockchain secures records with transparency and integrity, revolutionizing data management across industries.

Smart Contracts for Supply Chain Management

Learn how blockchain secures records with transparency and integrity, revolutionizing data management across industries.

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Discover why industry leaders like Terry L. Arias and Susan W. Thompson rate Blockchain UBC with five stars for its transformative impact and innovation.
Blockchain UBC's interdisciplinary approach has been a game-changer in our tech innovations.
Terry L. Arias
Tech Innovator
The collaborative environment at Blockchain UBC is unparalleled, fostering groundbreaking industry advancements.
Susan W. Thompson
Industry Expert
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