On Monday, October 16, 2017, Blockchain@UBC in collaboration with the Centre for Business Law at Allard School of Law and the VanBex Group, hosted a Lunch & Learn event that was generously funded by the VanBex Group.

Thomas Linder, a Tax Partner and Certified Tax Specialist with MME Legal in Zurich explained how Switzerland has become a friendly business and regulatory landscape that is arguably the leading country hosting blockchain ventures and Token Generating Events, including Vancouver’s Etherparty. He talked about how they successfully navigated the first blockchain venture / Token Generating Event in Switzerland, what steps they took to ensure compliance (with regulations that were still evolving), the various categories of tokens and securities, why they talk about Token Generating Events in preference to ICO’s, and the potential for the Swiss platform to be used elsewhere.

Thomas made reference to their Conceptual Framework for Legal & Risk Assessment of Blockchain Crypto Property . The MME site additionally has a number of podcasts on the various US and Swiss legal aspects on tokenizing and Token Generating Events (TGEs).

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Photo Credit: by Obed Tewes on Unsplash