On Thursday April 13, Blockchain@UBC hosted another Wine and Cheese evening where we networked at our adopted HQ at the Forestry Sciences Centre, UBC. It was a chance for our supporters and members to come together to catch up or to discuss the latest events and to build new partnerships. I was pleased to see some new faces appear who I hope will come to our subsequent workshops and become supporters of our emerging knowledge platform.

We were delighted to host Joni Brennan, President of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) to come and speak with us about their digital identification projects. Digital ID is one of the major areas where blockchain technology can help to democratize digital identity. So, we were very grateful to Joni in giving us a comprehensive picture of DIACC’s research. Blockchain@UBC looks forward to supporting DIACC’s work.

We know that Vancouver has a vibrant blockchain community. We are pleased to be able to host events that bring Vancouver’s diverse blockchain network together. We would like to thank the following Blockchain@UBC members for helping to our evening the success that it was:

Shone Anstey, Blockchain Intelligence Group

Steve Booth, BlackDuck Software

Joni Brennan, DIACC

Jason Butcher, Kickstartventures.ca

Arthur Chen, UBC

Lisa Cheng, Vanbex

Calvin Chu, UBC

Andrew Csinger, Interspect

MaRie Eagar, Digital Futures

MaNie Eagar, Digital Futures

Peter Van Garderen, Information Management Consultant

Mary Lou Hardy, Attaverse

Kevin Hobbs, Vanbex

Darra Hofman, PhD candidate at SLAIS, UBC

Indra Adrian Jonklaas, Frontier Foundry

Steve Kim, Stormbrain

Vicki Lemieux, SLAIS, UBC

Clark Lim, Acuere Consulting

Boris Mann, Frontier Foundry

Tony Mayer, Attaverse

Lance Morginn, Blockchain Intelligence Group

Nathaniel Payne, Finning International

Peter Rizun, Bitcoin Unlimited

Steve Thompson, Blockchain@UBC

Hudhaifah Zahid, Bitcoin Club, UBC