Hello Friends. With the end of the Winter semester, I finally have some time (a small amount of time) to update you on some events that are upon us and coming into view.


By the time this comes up on the blog, Blockchain@UBC would have taken part in a poster exhibition at the IEEE Blockchain Summit at the SFU Harbour Centre. This one-day conference took place on April 4 and it gave Vancouver’s blockchain community an opportunity to connect with academics and industry to discuss the future of this small but rapidly-growing network. We were rubbing shoulders with all tech firms great and small as we joined the global conversation about the future of all things distributed.

Blockchain@UBC exhibited at the conference. Steve Thompson and Darra Hofman presented a poster of their research from the “Blockchain Technology for Recordkeeping: Help or Hype?” paper. http://interparestrust.org/assets/public/dissemination/Lemieux-BlockchainTechnologyRecordkeeping-FinalReport.zip

The following day, Wednesday April 5, DCTRL hosted a BCSides social mixer. A chance for those people who couldn’t make it to the IEEE summit (surely not because of the $400 entry fee!). Some more info about this below:




On Friday April 7, Vancouver’s DCTRL will be hosting a venue of Coinfest, a global bitcoin hangout that showcases alternative finance, blockchain technology and decentralization. It promises to be an epic weekend where we can see just how far blockchain technology has proceeded over the last twelve months.

This from the Coinfest website:

Vancouver is the birthplace of CoinFest, and a pioneering city in Bitcoin adoption among merchants. Like in CoinFest 2016, it will serve as a center of global operations, but will also host some exciting local activities, as well.

CoinFest Vancouver will start at DCTRL on Friday morning in order to join the International Hangout, and will ink with Orange County, California later in the evening. There will also be cool demonstrations such as Bitcoin/blockchain games, miners, and a virtual reality block explorer.

On Saturday, we’ll go to a more mainstream tech incubator called the Tribe, which recently began accepting Bitcoin. There we’ll show them how crowdfunding is done the cryptocurrency way, then head back to DCTRL for further indoctrination.

More info here: https://www.meetup.com/bitcoinvan/events/237974269/



Blockchain@UBC is all about learning and understanding distributed ledger technology.

So, our partners at Blockchain@UBC are pleased to offer a UBC Summer Training Institute on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies. The goal of the training institute is to provide upper undergraduate and graduate students from any discipline at UBC with advanced, specialized training in the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Topics to be covered are:

  • basic blockchain architecture,
  • privacy, security and trust and blockchains/DLTs,
  • emerging international standards and use cases,
  • technical knowledge on Bitcoin,
  • Ethereum and Hyperledger blockchain/DLTs, and
  • understanding of blockchain and DLTs in social, economic, legal and political contexts.

The training sessions will culminate in a one-day “blockathon” (on Friday, August 4) sponsored by the partners of Blockchain@UBC in which students will work as members of teams to design and prototype blockchain solutions for social good and community well-being.

Training will be delivered by academic and industry specialists in the topic areas to be covered, including local entrepreneurs, leading academics on the blockchain and DLT research, and expert developers.

Students completing the programme will also be recognized at an Vancouver blockchain industry-sponsored event to be held on the evening of Aug. 4th. Certificates of completion will be registered on chain, of course!

The whole learning process promises to be a lot of fun as this is a very young network and has a lot going on.