Blockchain@UBC - About Us

Blockchain@UBC is a collaborative research cluster focusing on blockchain technology as one component of investigating the broader research question "How can emerging technologies be leveraged to benefit Canadians?"

The cluster fosters academia-industry collaboration on the understanding that combining applied and basic research produces higher-impact research than doing them separately. Grand challenges, exemplified by assessing how best to leverage new technologies for the benefit of Canadians, are not simply technical challenges. They are, at their core, socio-technical challenges. To understand how best to leverage new technologies, such as the blockchain, technical innovations must be accompanied by understanding the social, political, legal and institutional contexts within which the technology will operate, and to working with stakeholders within those contexts to introduce changes to the ways that they operate or think about their world that will complement the technical innovations.

The cluster promotes collaborative teamwork to accelerate innovation and produce more frequent success stories. Teams comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds (i.e., from different sectors or disciplines) bring complementary knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and use more diverse methods that can be used to leverage an important technological innovation such as the blockchain. Research that combines the knowledge base, work processes and evaluation methods of diverse disciplines also promotes more innovative research.


  • Victoria Lemieux

    Cluster Lead

    Associate Professor, Archival Science, iSchool, University of British Columbia

  • Hasan Cavosoglu

    Academic Partner

    Associate Professor, Management Information Systems Division

  • Luciana Duranti

    Academic Partner

    Professor, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies (SLAIS), UBC

  • Ning Nan

    Academic Partner

    Associate Professor, Management Information Systems Division

  • Carson Woo

    Academic Partner

    Stanley Kwok Professor in Business and Associate Professor, Management Information Systems Division

Industry Partners

Funding Partners

  • The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

  • The University of British Columbia

Graduate Research Assistants

  • Darra Hofman (PhD) [ 2016 – Present ]
  • Victor Liang (MASLIS) [ 2016 – Present ]
  • Mark Penney (MAS) [ 2016 – Present ]
  • Steve Thompson (MLIS) [ 2016 – Present ]
  • Jessica Tung (MASLIS) [ 2016 – Present ]

Address/Office Location

Forest Sciences Centre Building
FSC 3640 – 2424 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC
V6T 1Z4